Our Solutions

With over 14 years’ experience deploying technology-enabled learning solutions to more than 3 million learners; WebLearning has built a deep expertise and ability to help our client’s bridge learning gaps with meaningful and impactful learning solutions to drive measurable results.

Utilizing our webLearn 4-D Methodology™, we identify, create, and deploy meaningful learning experiences to address your performance and organizational needs. Whatever learning challenges you have, we function as your strategic learning partner to deliver effective solutions in a broad range of modalities, formats, and platforms aligned to meet your budget parameters.

Our services include:


Custom e-Learning

WebLearning provides you with innovative and effective online courses that result in your employees achieving their performance and organizational goals. Collaboratively with you, using our proven instructional design and development process, we deliver the richest and most meaningful learning experiences to your organization.

We also offer Catalog courses that specialize in Diversity & Inclusion, Leadership Development, Organizational Development, and Compliance topics. Ranging from information and awareness courses to simulation-based skill-building courses, we deliver the content in effective and meaningful ways, utilizing various media elements and prompting learner interaction and involvement. Our courses deliver high-quality audio, video, images and animation and can be customized to include your organization’s branding, messaging and other contextual and organization/industry specific requirements.

During our initial discussions and kickoff process, we identify your requirements and work with you and your team to design the appropriate solution to meet your organizational needs and budget parameters. Our services cover the spectrum of creating on-line courses. From rapidly developed, low cost eLearning to upper-end, highly interactive and media-rich productions, we design and develop online courses to meet your needs.

The courses we create are prepared for enterprise-wide delivery through your Learning Management System (LMS) by seamlessly utilizing SCORM, AICC, or proprietary compliant standards. By integrating our course in to your LMS, our courses will:

  • Save learners’ progress upon each exit
  • Capture the scores from the results of any quizzes or assessments,
  • Records your learner’s completion status.
  • Capture specific learner interactions

Formative and final assessments, as well as surveys and evaluations, can be included with each course as required.


M-Learning Solutions

Mobile Learning continues to grow as the pace of business accelerates and more employees are only connected to their organization through a mobile device. The need to accommodate those workers in their environment to enhance their productivity will also continue to grow. Our design experience includes creating learning content specifically for deployment on mobile or tablet devices.

When you’re ready to tackle the m-Learning arena, we’re there to guide and support your efforts every step of the way. Together we can develop and carry out a plan to transform your critical content for mobile deployment, and create an engaging user experience along the way. Our mobile solutions address the various platforms (iPad, iPhone, Android, or browser-based) companies use to support their mobile workforce.


Discover our own iPad app, Co-Valuate™ – an exciting way to enhance the delivery of Sales Training.


Social Learning

Integrating informal learning, or Social Learning, with formal learning programs to improve business results should be carefully analyzed and a clearly outlined strategy should be developed before simply “plunging in.” We can help you develop and implement an effective Social Learning strategy that integrates commenting and collaboration into your solutions. Through our design and technical capabilities, we integrate informal learning into our Instructional Design process and provide the required platforms, frameworks and tools for an effective integration of Social Learning into your organization.


Blended Learning

Sometimes a more comprehensive learning approach that goes beyond e-Learning or the classroom is necessary in order to facilitate specific learning needs. We leverage our experience in supporting a variety of learning environments in order to support our clients and partners in a “blended” approach to learning.

We utilize components and materials from various learning environments to create and integrate a blended approach to learning, including:

  • Multi-tiered curriculum strategy and design
  • E-Learning and M-Learning solutions
  • Social Learning solutions
  • Instructional design for live or virtual classroom facilitation
  • Leader and participant guides
  • Presentation materials
  • Job Aids
  • Video production and coordination
  • Podcast production and coordination
  • Assessment and evaluation strategy and design
  • Virtual Classroom/webinar coordination and technical support


Instructional Design

Good e-Learning, m-Learning, Social Learning, blended learning, assessments and valid metrics all start with good e-Learning design. From rapid prototyping to final delivery, our Instructional Designers are very passionate about what they do- and they are quite good at what they do! They create engaging and interactive learning experiences, while insuring that essential instructional design principles are met in order to address the over-arching objective of all learning efforts …What do you want your learners to be able to know, say or do after experiencing this learning event?


Assessments, Evaluations, Metrics & Reporting

Our 2nd generation technology framework, OARTeL™, Online Assessment and Remediation Tool for e-Learning, quickly assesses employee knowledge on a wide range of governance, compliance, security, and HR topics, and immediately provides corrective feedback. By combining assessment and remediation into a single process, OARTeL™ dramatically improves efficiency and reduces the spiraling costs associated with managing compliance and governance. This “targeted remediation” is a more effective and efficient way to allow and enable adult learners the ability, freedom, and responsibility to zero in on the areas where they need improvement and focus their efforts accordingly.

In addition, we create pre and post assessments to measure the effectiveness of your training efforts. We assist with the validation of assessments and the analysis and interpretation of results coupled with our recommended actions. We can also integrate your survey tool into our courses to provide a consistent approach and format for your survey and evaluation needs.


Project Management

Our client-service team is assembled based on the project needs. Our Project Managers prepare and update plans, assign responsibilities and time-frames, develop delivery schedules, and coordinate the collaborative and iterative design and development process with your project team members. Communication and follow-through are key elements to a successfully managed course development process. Coordinating schedules, conference calls, iterative reviews of scripts, storyboards, and prototypes as well as being responsible for timing, deliverables and overall client satisfaction, our Project Managers are a critical aspect to insuring a successful project being delivered on budget and on time.

Explore our unique 4D Methodology.


Learning Management System (LMS)

We offer a feature-rich, award winning Learning Management System (LMS) that can be provided as a hosted solution or deployed behind your firewall. Our LMS offers a customizable selection of features that can be turned-off or activated as needed. Our LMS solution includes standard support at no additional cost, and enhanced support is available at an additional fee based on requirements.

Learn more about our Learning Management System solution in Our Products.