Our Portfolio

We have designed and developed fully custom programs and modified our Catalog Courses for a number of enterprise organizations in various industries. Samples of those courses are shown below.

Cultivating a Community

Learn to apply effective leadership skills to manage the diverse talent in your organization.


Demonstrating effective communication and leadership skills to strengthen productivity.

Managing Through Change

Succesfully guiding yourself and others through the four phases of change.

My Diversity Manager

An online tool that provides a framework for decision making to effectively manage any diversity challenge.

AICPA - Certification Series

Certification series of courses for the newly issued International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

Procurement Policy

Provides information about specific guidelines and key items related to broad procurement policies.

IT Strategy

Enabling sales reps to understand needs and buying patterns to win new business.

Building a House for Diversity

Understanding the impact of diversity and inclusion in today’s workplace, workforce, and marketplace.

The Law and You

Demonstrates why following federal and state regulations is critical in dealing with trade and customers.

Business Case for Diversity

Illustrates how diversity and inclusion affects innovation and the understanding of customer needs.

PDMI Assessment

An assessment tool that measures how your organization responds to diversity challenges.

Giraffe and Elephant

Uses a fable to raise awareness of effectively managing diversity and inclusion activities.